TP 1050

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From:Hedley David Glencross <>
To:HistoNet Server <>

Hi everyone, and Alex

Our TP 1050 had an extensive overhaul by Leica, and to my knowledge (I
do so little histo these days) and judging by the cervical bx, the
processing continues to be fine.

Leica did promise a user group at the back end of 1999. If you are there
Ralf, is there any further information on this idea?

One other unrelated matter. We used to do jejunal bx by capsule many
years ago, and had to cut 120 serial sections on them. By paring away
most of the wax around the bx, it was possible, depending on the size of
the bx, to get all 120 on one slide. 3 rows of 40 or 4 rows of 30.
Extremely pretty and very satisfying and best of all one only one slide
for us to stain and label. I guess workloads these days would preclude
such an activity.

Hedley David Glencross

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