Startup new histo lab

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We are trying to get information on setting up a private
practice histo lab. This will be in a dermatologist  office with the
anticipation of receiving more specimens from other out patient physicians.
There are two issues
I need help with at this time.

#1. CAP and other licensing boards require that the
blocks, slides and reports be kept for a certain amount of time, such as 20
years.  What would we do with all of them, say if the doctor retired, died,
or closed his business for some other reason? Does anyone know if there is a
place that will store these for people or if it would even be necessary to
have access to these if the practice was no longer in business. Does anyone
the regulations and requirements for setting a private histology lab or know
where I might get a copy?

#2. In regards to the grossing area I need to know what
the minimal requirements would be for the grossing hood.
Can you use a hood that has filters that can be changed
like you use to coverslip under or does it have to be a
hood that is directed to the outside?  

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