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On Sat, 11 Mar 2000, Gayle Callis wrote:

> Solochrome cyanine for methylmethacrylate and glycol methacrylate, the
> latter a publication by Huffer and Ruegg in Journal of Histotechnology a
> few years back and very fine work.

  It's worth mentioning that this dye (which has several uses
  in histology) is sold under various names:
    Eriochrome cyanine R
    Chromoxane cyanine R
    Solochrome cyanine R
  The first of these is perhaps the one most often found in
  chemical catalogues, because this is what analytical chemists
  call it - it's used for spectrophotometric analysis of several
  metals. To be certain you're getting the right stuff, make sure
  the Colour Index number - 43820 - is stated. The CI application
  name, Mordant blue 3, also unequivocally identifies the dye.
    This one is not included in the list of dyes certified by 
  the Biological Stain Commission, so you can't get stuff that
  has been independently tested and certified. It is one of the
  few biological stains that is still used industrially, so it
  is quite cheap. Aside from its histochemical uses, this dye
  is valuable in methods for myelin (discovered by Page, 1965),
  in a blue nuclear stain that resembles an alum-haematoxylin
  but is more acid-resistant (several published methods), and
  in a one-step rapid method that gives a picture somewhat
  similar to H & E. 

 John A. Kiernan,
 Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology,
 The University of Western Ontario,
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