Re: ergonomics - in defense of motorized microtomes

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I learned to cut tissues on those black AO microtomes...a long time ago and 
in a galaxy far away (Iowa). I never used a motorized microtome until I had a 
job working for a company that made and sold them. At first I thought I 
wouldn't like them but after cutting some tissues I found that I did like 
Then I went to a friend's lab and cut a whole bunch of tissues for a workshop 
on one of her motorized Microms and let me tell you I really got into it and 
the cutting went fast, the slides were wonderful and I have to admit that I 
am a bit envious because now I am working back in the lab and my lab still 
has manual AO gray 820 microtomes.
There is a small learning curve when starting to use a motorized microtome 
but when I was selling these things I noticed that the techs quickly adapted 
and in a very short time they got into their new routine of cutting (most of 
these labs were very busy clinical labs) and they even remarked that their 
productivity was actually greater than before. None ever felt that they had 
little or no control once they used the microtomes for a few cutting sessions 
but this was a concern when they started out.
I sure hope I can replace my microtomes someday...not too far away.


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