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    I've noticed that usually it's not the techs that slip, it's usually the darn
fools who wear heels into the lab. If you want to remain on your feet, wear beat up
sneakers. I'd gladly trade a hip replacement for some vanity.
Amos Brooks

mbpohl wrote:

> Believe it or not, we have a long rug runner.  Housekeeping has it taped down.
> We have our own vacuum cleaner that either we use or Housekeeping will use.  In
> the embedding area we have a rubber mat to attempt to keep the drips of paraffin
> off the rug. We also have a rug runner out in the hallway entering or leaving
> the Histo lab.  We also use sticky contamination floor mats (30 sticky sheets
> per pad) outside our 2 doors - they adhere to the floor (not to the rug....)  It
> works.
> Marylou Pohl
> "Tom T. McNemar" wrote:
> > Does anybody know of a type of non-skid, non-slip flooring suitable for a
> > histo lab?  The paraffin makes our floor treacherous!  We have dealt with
> > this problem by using thin rubber mats taped to the floor.  This makes for a
> > pretty ugly floor and when the tape wears they come up anyway.  I am hoping
> > to find some type of tile that can replace the existing but it needs to be
> > easily maintained.  Anybody know of anything?
> >
> > Tom Mc Nemar
> > Pathology Supervisor
> > Licking Memorial Hospital
> > Newark, Ohio

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