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Believe it or not, we have a long rug runner.  Housekeeping has it taped down.
We have our own vacuum cleaner that either we use or Housekeeping will use.  In
the embedding area we have a rubber mat to attempt to keep the drips of paraffin
off the rug. We also have a rug runner out in the hallway entering or leaving
the Histo lab.  We also use sticky contamination floor mats (30 sticky sheets
per pad) outside our 2 doors - they adhere to the floor (not to the rug....)  It

Marylou Pohl

"Tom T. McNemar" wrote:

> Does anybody know of a type of non-skid, non-slip flooring suitable for a
> histo lab?  The paraffin makes our floor treacherous!  We have dealt with
> this problem by using thin rubber mats taped to the floor.  This makes for a
> pretty ugly floor and when the tape wears they come up anyway.  I am hoping
> to find some type of tile that can replace the existing but it needs to be
> easily maintained.  Anybody know of anything?
> Tom Mc Nemar
> Pathology Supervisor
> Licking Memorial Hospital
> Newark, Ohio

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