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Dear Christine:

Would like to recommend method manual written by a good friend of mine
for DAKO.  Called Immunoenzymatic Double Staining Methods, A Practical
Guide.  Got my copy from Europe.  Don't know if it is available now from
the US DAKO group.  Call them at 800-235-5763.  I think some info may
also be available on the histonet archive website,
Tom wrote:
> A doctor has asked our lab to do a double immuno stain using both p21 and ki 67.
> My question is---where can I look for a relatively easy to understand method to
> accomplish this?  I suspect that I will need to use 2 different chromagens(dab
> and aec) but do I have to retreive the antigens twice, block peroxidase twice,
> etc?
> My assumption is that I should proceed with one antibody stain form start to
> finish and then for the second antibody I should start the procedure from the
> point of primary antibody application to the second chromagen.
> Any help anybody can give regarding either the method or where to look up the
> method would be greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Christine Klein
> MD Anderson Cancer Center
> Houston, Tx.

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