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>Hello again,
>Does anyone have any handy hints for making slices
>(60um) of brain tissue permeable to antibodies. We are
>currently staining for calcium binding proteins in
>different classes of neurones using fluorescent
>labels. We also need to maintain the ultrastructure as
>much as is possible for subsequent electron microscopy
>of synaptic contacts so detergents like triton x100
>are out. We have been freeze thawing over liquid
>nitrogen 3 times for 30 seconds with excellent
>results. However in some cases I feel that we are
>getting inadequate penetration of primary antibody.
>So, any ideas welcome.
Dear Peter,
Triton can be used on brain tissue vibratome sections (to improve
penetration of antibodies) and still give a very good morphology (at least
when you can use aldehyde fixation). Hong Yi at Emory  can give you all the
details. You can reach her at
Regards, Peter

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