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From:Joyce Kotzuk <>,
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I too looked all over creation for these dishes when I was setting up my new lab here at UNM, and was told the same, that they're no longer made. I inherited some staining racks and dishes from an old histology lab, I believe people refer to them as the "green staining dishes", even though they come in green and opaque white.  The dishes measure approx. 4" long x 1" wide x 4" high, and it takes approx. 230 mls of fluid to cover slides in these dishes.  The slide racks hold 25 slides. The slides go into the slide racks upright rather than sideways. They also have a "dish holder" that is a metal frame that holds 12 dishes.  I use one frame for deparaffinizing (3 xylenes, 3 100% EtOH, 3 95% EtOH, 2 80% EtOH and one water=12 dishes) and one frame for dehydrating and clearing, which also holds my hematoxylin for counterstaining immuno's (one hematoxylin, one eosin, 3 95% EtOH, 3 100% EtOH, and 3 xylene).  I inherited these, and would love to know where to order more frames, dishes and slide racks. Thanks,
Joyce Kotzuk, UNM pathology dept.

>>> Andrea Perez <> 03/29/00 02:31PM >>>
Hello Everyone!
I am looking for some glass staining dishes and lids, with preferably no 
nicks or gashes in them.  We currently use the glass dishes that are 
(LxWxH): 5" x 4" x 3".  All of the usual companies (eg, Fisher Scientific,=20
Allegiance, Thomas, Newcomer Supply) are stating that these are no longer 
made.  I know that there are larger staining dishes that hold 60 slides in 
the metal racks, but we are a small lab, and using that much fluid is just a 
waste.  The dishes I am looking for hold 30 slides in their corresponding=20
metal racks, new or used.  If anyone can sell us some, or can give me more 
information as to where I can find them, I would greatly appreciate it. =20
Thank you all for time and input!

Andrea M. Perez
University of Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
Tucson, Arizona
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