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From:Tim Morken <>
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The idea here is to leave the blocking solution on to continue the blocking 
action for the primary antisera. Rinsing the blocking serum off may result 
is less efficient blocking of non-specific sites. Draining will get rid of 
the excess but won't significantly dilute the primary.

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From: Montina Van Meter <>
Subject: IHC question
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 09:27:49 -0500

Dear Histonetters:
		Can someone provide information as to why most IHC protocols have you
drain off the blocking solution before adding the primary and not rinsing
with buffer in between?  In all the procedures I have looked at they
explain the theory behind the other steps but not this one.  Thanks in


Tina Van Meter
Dept. of Neuroscience
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

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