Re: H & E Staining problems

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From:Victoria Baker <>
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Is this only being seen in certain types of tissue
(needle prostate biopsies, gastrics) or in different
types of tissue?  I've worked with the Leica stainer
in the past, and we only had that problem once with
biopsies and it turned out to be just dried out
tissue.  Are they all coming from one rack or
different racks?   The Leica is one the most reliable
stainers on the market, and somehow I'm not sure it is
the stainer.  Also have you changed your reagents
recently?  Sometimes putting the reagents in the wrong
sequence can affect different tissue in different

Good luck.

Vikki Baker
American Health Foundation
Valhalla, New York  

--- wrote:
> Our laboratory uses an automated Leica stainer for H
> & E.  The pathologist 
> has noticed several slides with weak staining around
> the periphery of the 
> tissue section.  The stain is very weak just along
> the edge of the tissue.  
> The rest of the tissue stains fine.  I checked the
> temperature of the slide 
> dryer and found no problem.  Any ideas how to solve
> this problem?

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