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Dear Gwin,
you might consider Formol Sublimate to which 2% Sodium Lauryl Sulphate has
been added. The lauryl sulphate will double the penetration rate and hence
fixation. The depth of penetration is also greatly enhanced (up to 8mm c/w
4-5mm). Structures are well preserved and staining is excellent esp. with
Hg. We tried this on all our routine tissues (Until management banned any
use of Hg) after J Malecki & Dr. I McCausland studies on ovine hoof
penetration studies with Zinc Sulphate and Formaldehyde with and without
Sodium Laury Sulphate- carried out in the mid 70's.
You could possibly also add the Lauryl Sulphate to Glutaraldehyde or other
agents as well.
Clacium deposits appear unaffected.
If you are only using small volumes I'd suggest that no real threat is
present to workers or the envioronment- esp. if you use an approved disposal
Regards Mike Rentsch (Downunder)
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Date: Wednesday, 29 March 2000 2:32
Subject: Re: Fixatives testicular tissue

>> Our lab is working on a project that involves locating calcium deposits
>> in avian testis.  We have tried to use Bouin's Solution, unfortunately,
>> it dissolves the deposits of interest.  We also tried 10% Buffered
>> Foramlin, however, the ultrastructure was not preserved.  Does anyone
>> have any suggestions for a fixative?  We need to fix both the testicular
>> and epididmyal tissue.

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