Re: Automation of special stains

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From:amos brooks <>
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    We demoed (sounds like a word to me...) the Cytologicx special stainer and
were unimpressed to say the least. If you are looking for a stainer for batches
of slides try the Leica or Shandon. If you aren't definitely check carefully
weather it is worth even bothering. You will probably be better off hand
Amos Brooks wrote:

> Tried out the Ventana and the cytologix Ventana good but pricey, Cytologix
> great stains, 48 slide wells and can do immunos and specials together...
> Ventana specials can not be run overnite, Cytologix can. Silvers very clean
> and can tweak as needed other protocols. Not much tweak room with Ventana.
>                                                           Dana

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