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Dear Carol,
if you follow the application of Alcian Blue with 0.3-0.5% Sodium Carbonate
the colour will be insoluble in all subsequent treatments.
You can use either haematoxylin, but as a general rule the weaker Mayer's
will not overstain or detract unduly from the overall slide. If you use
Harris - keep it very short eg.20secs. You will get a much more contrasting
picture if you use Kernechtrot Red with a very cear background. Saffranin O
and Neutral red may also be used but the picture is not as precise, with
differentiation sometimes being a problem in inexperienced hands.
Regards Mike Rentsch (Downunder)
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Date: Saturday, 18 March 2000 7:16
Subject: Alcian Blue question

>                      Alcian Blue question
>I am doing an Alcian Blue - PAS - Hematoxylin Stain.  I have not had alot
>experience with Alcian Blue.  My questions are:
>1) Does differenciation in Acid Alcohol remove the Alcian Blue Stain?
>2) Instead of using Harris Hematoxylin should I use Mayers?
>Any tips will be appreciated and thanks to everyone in advance.
>Carol Ann Bobrowitz
>Medical College of Wisconsin

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