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If the surgeon is seeking demonstration of silver in the colon biopsy, a
frozen section would be the best choice. A metal chelating method such as
the Rhodanine technique for silver may be appropriate, but the results can
often be variable on FFPE tissue.

Incubating solution:

(saturated solution in 90% ETOH) 3.5 ml
M-nitric acid                      3 ml
DH20                            93.5 ml


Incubate sections in rhodanine solution at 37 C for 18-24 hours.
Wash in DH20. Mount in aqueous mountant.


Silver - reddish brown.

Bancroft & Stevens, Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques,
Churchill Livingstone, 1996.

Eric C. Kellar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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Dear histonetters,
	I have a surgeon that has submitted a colon biopsy, and would
me to stain for silver. I have not found anything in the usual sources,
has my pathologist (with 30 years experience) heard of such a thing.  I
would appreciate any suggestions you might have.  thanks in advance


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