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Is it easier to get MMA sections of undecalcified bone than trying to
section them in a cryostat?  Or is it morphology that you are trying to
Evanne Maher

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Regarding immuno on plastic embedded tissue, I wanted to wait until others
have had their say.  As I have said before on Histonet, IHC & ISH on GMA
(including ImmunoBed and other plastics) is possible, but in practice I
find the use of MMA best and certainly the most suitable for diagnostic
routine use.  I have written several papers which I think Pam Marcum at
Polysciences has copies, and a Histopathology Tech Sample exercise, HT-6
(99), that may prove useful.

I have used Technovit 9100 (mentioned by Gayle Callis) a few years ago, but
preferred our own procedures.

Unfortunately, I am unable to go to the NSH meeting in October later this
year to speak on this topic.  Should you require further info, please email

Neil Hand,

Histopathology Dept.,
Queen's Medical Centre,
University Hospital,
Nottingham NG7 2UH,
England UK


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