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For my "thick" sections in EM, (Spurr's medium), I prefer a glass rod with a
ball melted on the end.  Similar to Gayle's wooden stick method in that you
kinda roll the ball in a drop of water to remove the section.
The ball is added by flaming the glass rod, or by ordering them pre made
from any of the EM houses.
Wanda Shotsberger

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Subject: help with transfering plastic sections

We are cutting glycolmethacrylate sections, around 1 micrometer thick, with
glass knives and are having a difficult time transfering sections to
microscope slides without the sections folding. How do you do it/ Does
anyone have a favorite technique they would care to share?

Gary P. Radice
Associate Professor of Biology		804 289 8107 (voice)
University of Richmond		804 289 8233 (FAX)
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