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It was a pleasure to be at the meeting and meet the varied group from all
over.  Alaska to Puerto Rico is good coverage.  Thank You and  Region III
for the invitation and Thanks to the Florida State group for all of its
work.  Pam Marcum Polysciences.

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From: Mequita Praet []
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2000 7:38 PM
Subject: RegIII/FSH meeting

Hello all,
Just wanted everyone to know we had a great time in Orlando this past
weekend. We even had histotechs from as far away as Alaska come. I
thought most of you would be interested to know that Edna J.Gonzales
from Powderject Industries came to the seminar. It was truly a pleasure
to meet her in person. She is delight, very eager to learn everything
she can and was quite a plus to have at the meeting.
Thank for coming,
Mequita Praet, NSH Region III Director

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