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Yall were livin right....or blessed or something...

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Subject: R Wadley's comments on infectious agents

R Wadleys comments on infectious diseases were well said!

A cavalier horror story of TB infected tissue, walked through open hallways
in a hospital, with an elevator ride included, past other patients and
hospital personnel, from surgical suite on top floor to histo lab on bottom
floor, in an open pan, no metal lid on top,specimen wrapped in a green
surgical towel, no fixative, for frozen section, grossed on an open counter
top where every thing else was cut in, then FX'd. After the fact (FX) the
microbiologist came in having done a touch prep AFB stain and told the
histo lab it was positive!  I didn't know whether to run, hide, cry, or
swear.  This was 1980 and NO safety measures were used to do FX.   

Massive decontamination and new specimen handling policies went into effect
the next day, but no one turned up positive.  Always hoped it was blind

Take care, live long.


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