RE: Q1- Epstion Barr Virus. Q2- Her-2-Neu expression in Osteoscrc oma

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Dear Muhammad Tahseen and Histonet,

In response to your question number 2, there is a reference article that may
be of interest to you.

R. Gorlick, et al. Expression of HER2/erbB-2 correlates with survival in
osteosarcoma. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 1999 Vol. 17, No. 9 (September);
pp 2781-2788.  

Danielle McCombs
DAKO Corporation
Technical Service Specialist

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Subject: Q1- Epstion Barr Virus. Q2- Her-2-Neu expression in

Dear Histonetters:  Two questions for today:

1	We would like to work, Epstion Barr Virus on paraffin  Blocks  by P

P.C.R,so we are looking a good protocols. We would appreciate this help.

2	Is there Her-2-Neu expression in Osteoscrcoma, if so what is the
prognostic implication?

Many, many thanks in advance for all your input.

Muhammad Tahseen
Histology Supervisor
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer
Hospital and Research Centre, Lahore

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