RE: Histo Wrap for bone marrows

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From:Brown Alex <>
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	We have some SpeciWrap, which sounds like the same type of thing. We
bought it from a company in the UK called Speci-microsystems ( I can give
you their number if you like ). It's supplied in packs of 500 sheets, each
60mm by 60mm.
	In saying that though, we tend not to use it much now. We prefer to
use the Tissue Specimen Bags ( or Biopsy Bags ) which we buy from Shandon.
They come in three sizes, and we use the small size for marrow frags and
curettings. They're easy to use and much quicker at the blocking out stage
than unwrapping sheets of paper.
	Hope this helps,
		Alex Brown
		Crosshouse Hospital
		Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Subject: Histo Wrap for bone marrows
Date: Saturday, March 25, 2000 1:45AM

My pathologist asked me to order a special type of paper called Histo Wrap
from a company called Opex in Amherst, NY.  I cannot find the company. Can
anyone help me? The reference was from a paper published in 1993, so the
original company may not exist.  I would like to know what other lab use to
rinse the spicules of marrow

jk presnell
blount mem hos
Maryville, TN

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