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Fluka (1-800-558-9160 / 1001 West St. Paul Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53233) lists
uranyl nitrate in their latest catalog.
Alfa Aesar (1-800-343-7276 / 30 Bond St., Ward Hill, MA 01835) lists uranium
oxynitrate, which is the same thing, in their latest catalog.

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		From:	Mitchell, Jeannette M.
		Sent:	Tuesday, March 21, 2000 7:20 AM

		Good Morning,

		We have been preforming  the Steiner stain and the procedure
requires the
		use of Uranyl Nitrate.   Recently we have been told that
Polysciences has
		discontinued this product.  Where is everyone getting Uryanl
Nitrate or what
		are you using in its place? 


		Jeannette Mitchell

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