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We track every frozen. The paperwork is "punched in" via timeclock when
received. When the pathologist calls the OR, the time is punched on the
paperwork again using a hand-held timeclock. We track these as a QI record.
We think it is reasonable to exclude cases which exceed 5 blocks from our
compliance study. At that point they are no longer simple frozens. For cases
that have more than one frozen sent at one time, I average the time among
the different specimens. 

We had to put eye-injuring fluorescent labels all over our consult room to
remind the pathologist to hand stamp the paperwork. If you are considering a
similar program it is important to check the synchronicity of the timeclocks
daily. Also, hand held time-clocks are quite inexpensive. 

We are probably going to stop the QI tracking when we are sure we are in
compliance. We can then refer an inspector to the requisition if they would
like to see our turn-around-time. We can also show them our QI results from
our limited study.

Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology
Eisenhower Medical Center
39-000 Bob Hope Drive
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I am interested in how different labs track the frozen turnaround time. 
Currently we have a log sheet in the frozen area, the OR nurse that brings 
the specimen in is the one that logs the specimen, pt info and arrival time.

The pathologist then fills in the diagnosis, completed time and initials.
says that 90% of frozens should have a turnaround of 20 min or less. How are

other labs tracking this? Are other labs tracking every frozen or just 

Thank you for your input,
Sandi McCollum
Histology Supervisor
All Saints Hospital
Ft. Worth, TX

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