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From:Jeff & Wanda Gray <>
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Hello all,
Okay, okay, I give up!  I have been in this field for 15 years, and have
heard of the CryoJane system, but have no idea exactly what it is.  Can some
please explain it?  is it that pink tape stuff we have in the cabinet over
the cryostat that we use for extra fatty tissues?  If so why is it called a
"system"?  We just call it "The Tape".
Wanda Shotsberger

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I am also interested in this system - any info is appreciated.

Marylou Pohl

"L. Gibbs" wrote:

> Hi Histonetters-
> Does anyone out there have much experience with the Cryojane
> system?
> Is it easy and quick to use?
> Is the quality of sections excellent and reproducible?
> Has anyone used this system for MOHS surgery sections?
> We require excellent quality for our MOHS surgery specimens.
> Thanks for any info!
> Lorraine Gibbs

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