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We do the Solochrome Azurine method, it is much better than Aluminon in our
hands.  The reagent is Solochrome Azurine, C.I. NO. 43830 made by PFALTZ &
BAUER, INC., a German company I believe.  We ordered it through someone
else, I will have to look through my old orders to find out who.
Very simple and reliable method, in GMA without decal.  Decal can remove the
0.1% solochrome azurine in dih20, ph with dilute HCL to 5
stain sections in this with positive and neg. controls for 2-12 hours
rinse well in dih20
clear in 0.4M EDTA 2 changes 30 min. each chg.
rinse well with dih20 between EDTA chgs. and after the second chg. let the
slides sit in dih20 for 10 min., air dry and coverslip
AL positive areas will be blue, back ground is clear.
In AL positive renal patients on dialysis, the AL deposits on bone surfaces
where new bone is being layed down, it can prevent the formation of any new
bone from that point on.
I can share some controls with you if you need them.
Patsy Ruegg

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Hi all

Is anyone familliar with the staining of aluminium in slides. Up to now I
found old techniques in Pearse like "Solochrome azurine/cyanine methods for
aluminium". I found a supplier (ICI), but they don't produce this chemical
anymore. Does anyone know other suppliers, or do you know other techniques?

Joost Bruijntjes
TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute

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