I need an MT2

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	I hope it's okay to field a request.  I am at a small private
university in southern California, my first tenure track position.  I am
trying to do more research (with my students) of the kind I did in graduate
school at Washington Univ. in St. Louis. I need an MT 2 ultramicrotome to do
it.  I know that I can buy one for about $6K from the guy in NY, but I don't
have much of any money right now.  I have heard that there are labs around -
around here, like maybe at UCI or USC, that have old ultramicrotomes lying
around in back rooms.  Is there anyone out there who could either donate one
to the school - Vanguard University of Southern California - or who could
sell us one REALLY cheap, or even loan us one if you are near by and we
could get it?  Right now I am having to drive an hour up to Asuza Pacific
University to use one of the three that they have in order to cut tissue.  I
do a simple stain and light microscopy on 1 micron sections of mouse brain,
but the sections do have to be 1 micron and I don't know any other way to
process them except embedding in araldite and cutting them on the
ultramicrotome. The reason I am looking for an MT2 is that I have a chuck
specially machined to hold the larger speciments (1 mm sections of mouse
brain), and it was made for an MT2.  
	Can anyone help?  Or do you know anyone who could?

Gayle Brosnan-Watters, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Psychology Department
Vanguard University of Southern California
55 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, CA  92626
Phone 714-556-3610 Ext. 454
Fax 714-966-6316

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