Immunofluorescence on cryosections prepared with Instrumedics Cry oJane Tape Transfer System

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From:"Berryman, Mark" <>
To:'HistoNet Server' <>

I am looking for any information regarding the advantages/disadvantages of
the CryoJane Tape Transfer System (Instrumedics) for use in
immunofluorescence microscopy. 1. I am concerned about background
autofluorescence from the adhesives used in this system. 2. I am concerned
that staining intensity might decrease because of the polymerized adhesive
(i.e. the antibodies may not penetrate as well as sections "dry mounted" on
glycine-coated slides). 3. Does the Tape Transfer method allow subsequent
use of antigen retrieval protocols? 4. Has anyone used the Tape-transfer
method for FISH in tissue sections? Thanks very much. Mark Berryman,
Deaprtment of Biomedical Sciences, Ohio University College of Osteopathic

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