Giemsa staining problems

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<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"> <html> Dear Netters, <p>We are having differentiating problems with our Gaffney's One-Hour Giemsa stain.  We purchased our Giemsa stock solution from Newcomer supply.  We are following the AFIP protocol which is very simple.  The AFIP calls for 10 ml of Giemsa stock to every 50 ml of Acetic water solution.  Acetic water solution is 1 drop Glacial Acetic Acid to 1000 ml of distilled water.  We deparaffinize and hydrate to distilled water then, stain in the Giemsa working solution for one hour.  The stain is not differentiating between cytoplasm (pink), nuclei (blue) and erythrocytes (red).  Do you think perhaps the Acetic water solution is too weak?  Does anyone else use the AFIP protocol?  If so, does it work for you?  Any input on this matter would be appreciated. <p>Sincerely, <p>Beth Poole <br>Histo-Scientific Research Labs. <br>107 Killmon Road <br>Basye, VA  22810 <br>(540)856-2222 <br></html>
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