Dako vs. BioGenex immunostainer

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From:barbara albert <barbalb@itsa.ucsf.edu>
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We have had extensive experience with both the Biogenex Optimax and the
Dako Autostainer.  We had two generations of the Optimax and have had our
Dako Autostainer in operation for about 20 months.

Both models of the Optimax had ongoing problems with dropping of the
pipette tips and with losing track of the x/y axis in mid-run, causing it
to crash either into the pipette racks or the side of the machine.  We
very frequently had to finish runs by hand and call for service.  Also,
the pipette tips are very expensive.

The Dako has been a real workhorse and in our >737 runs, it has never
failed in its staining run.  We run a very sensitive detection system and
have never had even a hint of carryover of reagent.  The autoprogramming
feature makes programming fast and you don't have to memorize program

The Biogenex software <underline>is</underline> more efficient so that
its runs take less time.  However, the 48 slide capacity and extreme
reliability of the Dako more than make up for this.  We have such
confidence in our Autostainer that we routinely run it overnight so that
one load of slides is finished when we arrive at work.

The Dako vials are easier to use because they have the calibration on the
side and are much easier to clean than the Biogenex vials.  It takes
about 1 minute to set up for cleaning and the machine cleans itself.

We hope you find this input useful..

Ann Halili

Paulette Setzer

University of California, San Francisco Medical Center

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