CryoJane Tape-Transfer System

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Hi Histonetters,
Several people have asked about CryoJane.
The CryoJane Tape-Transfer system is designed to produce paraffin-quality
frozen sections. This is possible if you snap-freeze the tissue to minimize
damaging ice crystals and if you do not MELT  the section on a room
temperature slide when mounting.
With CryoJane the section is supported and captured on a COLD tape window
and transferred inside the cryostat to a COLD adhesive-coated slide. The
adhesive coating is polymerized in 8milliseconds intoa clear plastic. The
still frozen section is anchored to the plastic layer and the tape is
removed  inside the cryostat. The section is then immersed in a fixative,
freeze-substituted or freeze-dried or air-dried(if desired).

The tape-transfer allows you to prepare sections as thin as two microns that
are flat, uncompressed, and fully intact and with the morphology preserved.
It makes preparing frozens of  fat, undecalcified bone and skin very much

The system can be installed in virtually all cryostat models.

If you want a complete description with pictures please visit our web site

We welcome your questions and comments.


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