Bonehead or....

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From:Scott Taft <>
To:Linda Jenkins <>,
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I've been called "bonehead" and I had one supervisor
in Denver call me "Bodian brain"  Still don't know
which one I like the best.

Scott Taft HT(ASCP)
Tucson AZ

--- Linda Jenkins <> wrote:
> Dear members of the Hard Tissue
> Committee(aka-Boneheads):
> 	We are in urgent need of a co-editor for our
> newsletter, Hard
> Times.  Due to circumstances beyond her control our
> current co-editor(Sarah
> Christo - Texas A&M Vet school) has had to resign
> the position.  Thanks
> Sarah! She has done a wonderful job during the past
> year and a half.
> 	The co-editor position needs someone who is willing
> to hover on the
> Histonet selecting topics that deal with plastics,
> bones, stents, and any
> hard tissue subjects, and then contacting the author
> and asking permission
> to print the article in the newsletter.  This is for
> the benefit of our
> <many> HTC members that don't have access to the
> Histonet.  The co-editor
> also helps edit the final copy of the newsletter.
> 	I won't deny that this volunteer position carries
> some
> responsibility; however, the fringe benefits are
> great - such as the free
> trip to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to
> compare coral and bone!
> Ahah- now that I really have your attention- I have
> to tell you the
> trip(unfortunately) is not a reality:-(  But
> wouldn't it be fun to go 'down
> under' and visit our bonehead buddies?  Seriously,
> we really could use your
> help!  Please contact me personally if you would
> like to serve in this
> position.
> 	Thanks,
> 	Linda Jenkins, Chair
> 	Hard Tissue Committee
> 	<jlinda@CLEMSON.EDU>
> *********************************
> Linda Jenkins, HT
> Clemson University
> Department of Bioengineering
> 864.656.5553
> **********************************

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