times for processing mouse lymph nodes

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I'll like to process mouse lymph nodes in my Citadel 1000 tissue processor
(to make paraffin blocks). The samples are about 2 mm. I would like to know
what will be the time range for each station.

This is the set up I have in my tissue processor:
   10% neutral buffered formalin (station 1)
   10% neutral buffered formalin (station 2)
   70% ethanol (station 3)
   95% ethanol (station 4)
   95% ethanol (station 5)
   100% ethanol (station 6)
   100% ethanol (station 7)
   100% ethanol (station 8)
   xylene (station 9)
   xylene (station 10)
   wax (station 11)
   wax (station 12)

I usually process pig skin samples. Samples are like a nickel, a big size
if you compared with mouse lymph nodes. If you have processed lymph nodes
or other mouse parts, please let me know. Thanks.


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