staining of cardiac muscle

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From:Jan Rodgers <>
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I have a research assistant needing help.  She would like to find a
stain to differentiate cardiac muscle cells from valvular interstitial
cells in the mitral valves.  The distinction would greatly assist in
contractility experiments.
She mentioned a dye called "azan".
She is also looking for more information on literature by Elison, Hibbs,
and Filip and a group in Canada who wrote a review which mentioned
staining techniques for smooth muscle and fibroblasts.
The Vacca Laboratory Manual mentions the Luxol Fast Blue-Levafix Red
Violet stain for cardiac muscle.

If anyone would have any information to help us out, I would truely
appreciate it.  You can send your responses to
(I am using a coworker's histonet)

Thank you,

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