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From:Mary Ann Miller <millerma@email.uc.edu>
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Dear Folks,

I am trying to find antibodies which will identify neutrophils, monocytes,
and lymphocytes in addition to at least some matrix components in FFPE pig
tissues for one of my favorite researchers. To date I am having no luck. I
have tried most of my own anti human antibodies  but can get no positive
staining with any thing except VWF and SMA. It seems to me that with all
the work out there on cardiac stuff using pigs that someone must be working
with something! 

I don't personally have much experience with histochemical methods but have
reliable technical help available if I can come up with the proper stains
to use. I'm wondering if we could go that route.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Mary Ann Miller

Does anybody have any advice to give?
Mary Ann Miller
University of Cincinnati
College of Medicine  ML 529
231 Bethesda Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio  45267
FAX: (513) 558-2289 

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