paraffin removal testamonial

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A few weeks ago somebody on histonet suggested a product called "Goo Gone" to 
get paraffin out of clothes. I just want to say that that little suggestion 
has saved a new pair of shoes and a silk shirt from the trash heep. The label 
says NOT to use on leather and silk but I figured, what the hell, and did it 
anyway since the alternative was throwing them away or wearing them for yard 
"Goo Gone" is made of petroleum distillates and has a strong citrus scent 
reminescent of some clearing agents. It probably should be used under a hood! 
I bought my bottle of "Goo Gone" from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
To whoever made the suggestion - THANKS!! And I'll have to remember to be 
more careful when unloading baskets of tissue from the processor!
Andi Grantham


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