mouse organ fixation

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Hi all!

We have a researcher here who is submitting normal whole mouse organs
(liver, heart, lung, kidney) for paraffin processing for use as IHC
controls.  Currently, she is fixing these organs in 10%NBF for 4 hours to
retain as much immunogenicity as possible, however, I am worried that the
organs are not completely fixing and are drying out in the alcohols.  

What fixation procedures do those of you who work with mouse tissue use?
How long in fix when doing IHC?  Are the organs grossed open prior to
fixation or left whole?

Thanks for any help!

Emily Yandl
Pre-Clinical Biology
Genzyme Corporation
PO Box 9322
Framingham, MA  01701
(508) 872-8400 (x23623) 

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