decontamination of a cryostat.

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I would like to add that although the Cryo-Vac-Away is not a true
decontamination system it goes a long way in keeping the cryostat free of
toxic debris. The trimming debris is suctioned away AS IT IS GENERATED at
the block face and collected in a triple stage 2-filter system located
inside the cryostat. One of the filters is a viral/bacterial filter that
will prevent the passage of virtually all pathogens. The Cryo-Vac -Away
system keeps the cryostat chamber spotless and substantially protects the
operator from the toxic material that the trimming debris may contain

The Cryo-Vac-Away can be installed in almost all cryostat models.

If you would like more information contact us . Also visit our web site for


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