cryostat decontamination

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Dear All;

We so much discussion of cryostat decontamination, this is just an FYI for 
anyone who may be interested.

The is a totally, self-decontaminating cryostat available from Hacker-Bright. 
The Safecut. It uses a biodegradable substance, which is nontoxic/hazard 
free. The instrument has a wash cycle, much like a dishwasher, a rinse cycle 
and a drying cycle. Used fluids for wash and rinse are pumped back into their 
containers, which are housed in the cryostat. This technology was launched 
some years back, and has since been perfected. For anyone who has concerns 
about complete and proper decontamination, this is a fail safe, walk away 

If you need more information, please contact:

Hacker Instruments & Industries Inc
Tel: 1-800-4-HACKER or 973-226-8450
Fax: 973-808-8281

Best regards,

Elfi Hacker

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