coverslip removal

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Have also seen the freezing spray used.

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> Subject: 	Re: IHC question
> Ann,
> A friend of mine used to put the slide on crushed dry ice for 10 or 15
> minutes, and then pop the coverslip off with forceps. She had a real knack
> for doing this, and didn't break the slide or compromise the tissue. I
> don't know if it would work for film coverslips either, but it was much
> quicker than soaking the slide in xylene for days.  If you have some
> slides that are not important that you could practice on and see if it
> works for you...
> Joyce Kotzuk, Univ. of New Mexico pathology dept.
> >>> ANN MARUSKA <amarusk1@FAIRVIEW.ORG> 03/10/00 12:29PM >>>
> Dear Histonetters,
> For those of you who do IHC stains and get slides that have been
> previously stained e.g. H&E, how do you get the coverslip film off the
> slides?  I know there is a quick method by placing the slides in acetone,
> but does this affect the antigenicity of those slides? 
> Right now I soak them in Xylene, but it takes days to get the film
> unglued.  Glass coverslips come off rather quickly in xylene, it's just
> the film coverslip that takes forever.
> Thanks for whatever info you can share.
> Ann Maruska
> Fairview-University Med Ctr
> Mpls.  MN  55454

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