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From:Linda Jenkins <>
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Dear Ian,
	I think you said it all when you mentioned your wallet!  $280.00 is
a little pricey to pay for something that runs only on NT 4.0 workstations.
However, the good news is, the PC version for Windows 2000 is slated to
come out sometime this month for around $120.00 (U.S.).  My son (computer
geek) is testing the Windows 2000 software for his company and all the
geek's agree that it is a real improvement over the Windows 98 package.
Big plus is that it doesn't crash nearly as often (and Bill Gates didn't
even send me money to say that  - *urban legend #22 ).  My son and I will
be showing some of the"bells and whistles" on the PowerPoint 2000 in a NSH
workshop we will be doing in Milwaukee.  But we will primarily be sticking
with the 98 version as most people still use this version and  have found
that waiting a year or so usually lowers the price of new software
	So...if your 98 is driving you "up the wall" and you have a NT
workstation and  there's not too many moth's in the wallet - I'd say - "Go
for it!"!
	Please let us know if you like it,
PS - Bob Schoonhaven - you mentioned the upgraded 98 - does it crash like
the old one?
Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Department of Bioengineering

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