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Hi all,

About 10 years ago I worked in a chemistry lab with the same problem.  The
semi-retired head of the lab would take a 4 liter bottle of our used
alcohol and put it in his gas tank.

Unfortunately, it had some benzene in it which led us to speculate about
the number of people following him on the freeway who eventually got
leukemia.  We were not biologists...what did we know?  

I hear they are recycling alcohol here at UW and that it didn't cost much
to set up the process.  A night job, perhaps?  


On Tue, 14 Mar 2000, amos brooks wrote:

> Hi Leroy,
>     Have you considered recycling it? (Our lab doesn't but I think it should.)
> What have been some bad experiences with this?
> Amos Brooks
> LEROY BROWN wrote:
> > Has any one either sold or given away their used alcohol?  If anyone knows
> > of a market for used alcohol please let me know.   We run through about 55
> > gal. a month and I was thinking that there may be someone who has a use for
> > it (even if I gave it away).
> >
> > LeRoy Brown     HT(ASCP) HTL
> > 85 SE 8TH AVE
> > OAK HARBOR, WA 98277


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