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Hi Lynn,
    We do a lift off procedure in which a stained slide can have the coverslip
removed and a gel placed on the sections. The slide is then left in a 60 degree
oven overnight then placed in a coplin jar of distilled water in a float bath
for an hour. The sections can then be floated off the slide on the float bath,
split up on two separate slides and restained. Unfortunately I forgot the name
of the darned gel used for this. I'll get it to you Monday afternoon along with
a more detailed description of the procedure.
Amos Brooks

Lynn Gardner wrote:

> Hey histonetters! Have another question for the group. Is there a way to
> remove a 4 micron formalin fixed paraffin embedded section from a plus
> slide after deparaffinization and keeping the section intact in order to be
> able to stain it as a free floating section? Sure look forward to your
> answers! Thanks all for your help.
> Sincerely,
> Lynn Gardner

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