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Dear Sharon,

If it's not too much trouble, would you mind faxing a copy of your protocol for
cutting arteries with stents?
Please fax to:
Suzy Winden
Experimental Surgery Pathology Core Lab

Thank you!

sharon lang <> on 02/28/2000 08:59:57 AM

 Subject: Re: stents                                          

I will fax you a protocol for cutting arteries with stents.

>From: "Molinari, Betsy" <>
>To: histonet <>
>Subject: stents
>Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 14:03:11 -0600
>  I may be getting some metal stents to process and cut. I am open to
>all ideas on cutting these. I know that paraffin is out. I did GMA a
>long, long time ago and I know there are alot more plastic mediums on
>the market since then. Any favorite plastic embedding mediums? Regarding
>cutting, two methods have been  suggested,  cutting on a microtome
>equipped with a tungsten carbide knife or using a circular diamond saw
>that cuts thick sections. This diamond saw method I have zero experience
>with, and any information on this technique would be helpful. I
>understand that this saw is very,very expensive and after some
>consideration may be ruled out as an option but any thoughts would be
>  Thanks in advance to all.
>   Betsy Molinari
>Texas Heart Institute
>Houston, Texas 77373

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