Re: cryostat evaluation

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From:Rick Roberts <>
To:"Ford, Judi {Path~Palo Alto}" <JUDI.FORD@ROCHE.COM>
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We just finished a month long demo on that cryostat and everyone gave it
"thumbs up". The automated feature actually works and, as you said, manually,
it is the most comfortable cryostat I have seen. I like the vacutome feature

It's on my Capital Equipment budget this year.

"Ford, Judi {Path~Palo Alto}" wrote:

> Hi Histonetters:
> My lab has been trying out new cryostats lately and I was hoping to get
> feedback from users on a specific model.  The one we are trying right now is
> the Microm HM 560.  Its the ergonomic model with all the bells and whistles.
> Is there anyone out there who is currently using this one in their lab, or
> has used it?  We'd really like to know the pluses and minuses of this model.
> Thanks in advance for any help sent our way.
> Judi Ford
> Palo Alto, CA

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