Re: Pathologist Coverage

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Mary McCoy at Lakeland Regional Health Center (where?) inquires:

>>I've been asked to try and collect benchmark  information on Pathologist 
Coverage. Specifically, the number of Pathologists it would take to service 
an Anatomic Pathology lab that processes approximately 13000 Surgical cases, 
1200 Non-gyn Cytologies (all PAPs sent out) and 60 autopssy cases a year, as 
well as serving the Clinical Lab. This is assuming there are no Pathologists 
Assistants. If there are PAs, how would this affect the number of 
Pathologists needed?<<

At least three, preferably four given the considerable autopsy load. Three 
would probably need the P.A.

And when any of the pathologists is out of town, remember to engage a samurai 
pathologist to fill in, such as (depending on where Lakeland is)

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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