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From:Mary Molter <>
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I don't know that there are any regulations here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
but we recently added a room oxygen monitor to our liquid nitrogen storage
tank room. It's made by Gastech and is called the SafeTNet Oxygen monitor.
It was very easy to put up and is very easy to calibrate. The only down side
is that you want to put it at a level where the alarm won't go off when a
tank cover is removed, but not too high that it's not giving accurate
readouts when a person is actually in the room working.

Most of the time our techs are in the room for such a short period of time
that the personal monitors don't seem like they would be worth it.

Anyway, if anyone is looking to purchase an oxygen monitor for a room, feel
free to contact me about the one we own.

Mary Molter
Sr. Laboratory Technologist
Bone Marrow Transplant
Cell Processing Laboratory

>From: Mike Kirby <>
>To: Histonet <>
>Subject: Oxygen monitors
>Date: Thu, Mar 9, 2000, 6:31 AM

> Richard Pitman asks about the necessity of monitoring oxygen levels in the
> presence of liquid nitrogen gas. I don't know what the law says in your
> region, but after a near fatality experienced at one of our facilities, we
> have made it an internal policy that no one goes near a liquid nitrogen
> storage tanks or freezers without wearing one of those small personal oxygen
> monitors, even when working out in the open.
>  They are nifty battery operated gadgets, about the size of your average
> pager, and you can either clip it onto your belt or carry it in your coat
> pocket while working. They broadcast a very audible bleep the moment the
> oxygen level drops below +/- 18%, giving you ample time to clear the area.
>  They shouldn't be to expensive in your neck of the woods, and it should be
> noted that they must be returned to the agents for service and
> re-calibration once a year.
> Mike Kirby.
> S.A.I.M.R
> Johannesburg
> South Africa.

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