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Hi Richard,

> The reasoning is that N2 displaces oxygen, thus
> entry to a room with a faulty N2 store could have
> fatal consequences - I have a vague recollection
> that this happened recently in a lab in Scotland,
> any info on this ?

We were sent a memo from occhlth after the incident in
?scotland? (someone who was working late at night went
to collect some n2, carried it up in the lift which
broke down and having been trapped for several hours
he suffocated. Not a nice way to go I'm sure you
The deal is that if transporting large quantities of
n2, we have to send it up in the lift alone and
collect it at the top whilst having people stand at
the lift entrances on each floor up to the destination
to prevent unsuspecting people walking in and perhaps
becoming trapped if the lift fails.

On that cheery note say hello to everyone at WRI for

Cheers, Peter.

Peter Bannister
Senior Research technician
UCL Med. School
London. UK.
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