Re: Decontamination fo CJD tissue.

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From:Rick Roberts <>
To:Sharon Allen <>
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Most of the literature I've read recommends a minimum 2%Phenol solution,
including fixatives, for deactivating C-J, so this is what we follow. We
receive a few positives per year. There was an article cited by Tim Morken from
the CAP web site at:

Sharon Allen wrote:

> Hi,
>         We receive all ?Creutzfeld-Jakob cases in our area, which amount to
> 8 to 12/year, with 1 to 3 positives.
>         I would be interested in hearing of other labs protocol for handling
> these cases i.e. decontamination of tissue etc.
>         We currently use formic acid for up to 2 hours for the tissue,
> sodium hypochlorite for the glassware, microtome, countertop and
> incineration for anything disposable.
>         Any input negative or positive would be appreciated.
> Sharon Allen
> Senior Technologist
> Neuropathology Lab
> Winnipeg, Manitoba   Canada

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