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From:Sharon Osborn <>
To:Donna Kusewitt <>
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Try the DAKO. It is considered an open system versus a closed system.    It does have default programs for the DAKO detection systems (there are several including ARK for animal tissues) and the antibodies DAKO sells
plus ability to add in your homegrown antibodies or other manufacturers antibodies. The flexibility of the machine plus the 48 slide capacity make it a strong consideration for demonstration in your facility.
Theoretically, you could purchase the machine and use your own detection system and antibodies by building in the software programs. This could be of benefit depending upon your needs in the research, I have found the service and attitude for helping customers to be very pleasant.  sharon osborn

Donna Kusewitt wrote:

> Hi -
> I am looking for an automated immunostainer for research purposes.  I would like something reliable, easy to use, and compatible with a wide variety of reagents and protocols. Does anyone have any recommendations?
> Thanks,
> Donna
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