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Hello Louise,
InnoGenex carries an anti- S-100 Protein antibody that is validated on rat,
mouse and human tissue(Catalog No. AM-2435-11). We also produce IHC kits for
rodent tissue and carry all of the appropriate pre-adsorbed secondary
Best Regards,
Matthew Ogdie

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> Hi histonetters,
> I need some help please. I have been asked to do S100 on rat tissue. I
> no idea where to start looking fo animal primaries, as we generally do
> antihuman studies. I would also like some information on what secondary o
> amplification kits would be appropriate. Many thanks

I have used S100 (cow, from DAKO) on mouse tissue and achieved
similar results to that of human (same protocol,no
amplification).This protein is common in a number of species and
when used as a rabbit polyclonal (swine anti rabbit bridge) there
should be no non specific binding to your rat tissue.


Terry Hacker,
Medical Research Council,
Oxfordshire, OX11 ORD
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